Story #206

Updated by bmbouter about 6 years ago

There is no way currently to apply a whitelist to a yum repository feed. There are often cases where repositories contain large sets of packages that are never used when only a small, specific set are actually desired. The user should have the ability to specify on the repo a whitelist of package names which prevent packages from being synced thus saving disk space and sync time.

This will done using a new importer option named 'package_names' which will contain a comma separated list of package names which will be synced. This usage will not support any dependency solving. The packages from the upstream metadata that are also in the whitelist will be created as units, package not in the whitelist will not have unit definitions created for then. If the package_names is not defined on the importer, then the whitelist will have no effect (default, download-all behavior).

Here is an example snippet of the importer definition:

"package_names": [

At publish time, the metadata will only contain units that were imported. Therefore, any units omitted due to the whitelist won't be in the metadata or included as published content. This is true for both traditional and lazy syncing.

The total reported for downloading will also need to be correct based on the intersection of package metadata and the whitelist.