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Story #7791

Updated by 3 months ago

If an artifact has gone missing or corrupted(bit rot) there is no way to re-upload it back to the filesystem
1. upload an artifact
2. rm /var/lib/pulp/artifacts/<some_artifact> or corrupt it
3. upload same artifact
4. 400 error with {
"non_field_errors": [
"sha384 checksum must be unique."

While we have /repair/ endpoint it will not work for the operations where artifact has no remoteartifact.

## Problem statements:
### 1. If a file is missing it is impossible to upload a new one
* when saving artifact add try/except, look for existing one
* verify whether storage_path is an existing location if not update it with the newly uploaded bits
* Don't issue 400 due to duplicated artifact, but return the href of the existing one.
### 2. If a file is corrupted it is impossible to re-upload and replace it with a valid one
* **option1** Running repair can find corrupted files. It should remove the corrupted file to get back to the case outlined in 1. .
* Repair can be run against specific repo version, potentially can extend the functionality to repair a specific artifact/content
* **option2** We could recalculate the checksum on all upload attempts.
* Might be a lot of overhead for a rare failure