Issue #1152

Updated by bmbouter over 8 years ago

This bug causes an unexpected, random deadlock condition which can cause pulp_workers, pulp_resource_manager, or pulp_celerybeat to deadlock. This will likely cause tasks to appear stuck in the 'Waiting' state. You can confirm if one of your stuck processes was affected by this if you see a log line like the following when you restart. You may notice restart is also sluggish. 

 Please enter your password: Please enter your password: Please enter your password: 

 This is tracking the inclusion of an upstream Kombu fix. 

 Along with the inclusion of the sasl mech selection change in kombu, "the default broker string used by the [tasks] section of server.conf": needs to have its 'guest@' removed. A Pulp release note needs to be made for this conf file change.