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For example - on the remote registry i have tags ['latest', 'latest-source', 16.1, 16.0-1, 16.0, 16.0-2, 16.2] 'latest-source'] 

 I want to filter out tags that have '-source'. 
 Source containers can be big and this will impact repo size as well as sync time. 

 We use fnmatch module. 
 Add an There does not appear to be any built-in option `exclude_tags`. It will also use for negating the search pattern in the fnmatch module. Exclude_tags will override include_tags if same tag was mentioned in both places. 


 include_tags = ['latest', '16.0.*] 
 exclude_tags = ['latest', '.*-source'] 

 What will be mirrored is: 
 [ 16.0-1, 16.0, 16.0-2] Switch to regexp