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``pulp_container`` Plugin

.. figure::
:alt: Pulp CI

This is the ``pulp_container`` Plugin for `Pulp Project
3.0+ <;`__. This plugin provides Pulp with support for container
images, similar to the pulp_docker plugin for Pulp 2.

For more information, please see the `documentation
<;`_ or the `Pulp project page

How to File an Issue

`New pulp_container issue <;`_.

.. warning::
Is this security related? If so, please follow the `Security Disclosures <;`_ procedure.

Please set **only the fields in this table**. See `Redmine Fields <;`_ for more detailed
descriptions of all the fields and how they are used.

.. list-table::
:header-rows: 1
:widths: auto
:align: center

* - Field
- Instructions

* - Tracker
- For a bug, select ``Issue``, for a feature-request, choose ``Story``,
for a backport request, choose ``Backport``.

* - Subject
- Strive to be specific and concise.

* - Description
- This is the most important part! Please see `Description Field <;`_.

* - Category
- Choose one if applicable, blank is OK.

* - Version
- The version of pulp_container that you discovered the issue.

* - OS
- Please select your operating system.

* - Tags
- For searching. Select 0 or many, best judgement.
If an issue requires a functional test. Add the tag `Functional test`.

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