Task #6711

Updated by bmbouter over 3 years ago

Currently there are no docs about how to back up and restore a Pulp 3 installation. 

 * Create a page for backup and restore 
 * It should list all the components which needs to be backed up 
 * It should mention all the requirements and caveats (e.g. pulp version should be the same for backup+restore procedure, tasks in incomplete state needs to be cancelled, etc) 

 ## Details 

 This should be a conceptual guide. We do not want to document how to backup postgresql in great detail for example. There are so many ways to backup postgresql. Similarly for 
 * Verify that the filesystem, we can give a simple examples, but there are so many backup tools for files, e.g. `cp -a` `rsync`, or `rdiff-backup`, etc. 

 Overall the written procedure is: 

 1. Stop all pulp services 
 2. Stop postgresql 
 3. Backup MEDIA_ROOT, e.g. `/var/lib/pulp`/ 
 4. Backup Postgresql 
 5. If using S3 or Azure you'll need to archive that somehow. 

 To restore: 
 1. Stop all pulp services 
 2. Stop postgresql 
 Restore MEDIA_ROOT (with correct file permissions) 
 4. Restore postgresql 
 5. restore S3 or Azure