Task #6477

Updated by over 4 years ago

The cloning of pulp-operator should be removed[0]. 

 All the files, except for Containerfile, from the pulp-fedora31 repository[1] need to be added to the pulpcore/containers/images/pulp/container-assets/ directory[2]. 

 Add an additional Dockerfile that has the following lines: 

 The file references need to be updated to reflect their location in the pulpcore repository.  

 The FROM line should be prepended to the Dockerfile in the script. It should use the name and tag of the image that is build here[3]. 

 After the first image is built, this new Dockerfile needs to be used to build a second image. We use 'docker build' to build images on Travis because it comes pre-installed on the VM.  

 All the code for configuring and starting the operator[4] needs to be removed. 

 All the commands from the single container blog post need to be added after the docker build command[5].  
 The settings file needs to be generated conditionally to include S3 settings or not.  

 A simple script that checks for a 200 response from http://localhost/pulp/api/v3/status/ needs to be added. It should try for up to 30 seconds. This script should replace the use of script from pulp-operator repo[6]. 

 The show_log_and_return_non_zero function needs to have the loop removed and adjusted to just use 'docker logs' command on a single container.[7] 

 The CMD_STDIN_PREFIX command needs to be changed to use 'docker exec'[8] 
 The pulp_smash_config needs to be updated to use 'docker' transport.[9] (Also need to make pulp-smash understand that 'podman' and 'docker' are interchangeable.)