Task #5944

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This is an epic that will enable plugin writers The pulpcore documentation needs to use scripts provided by Pulp administrators provide instructions on how to sign files.

Pulp Administrators will
use django-admin shell_plus or a python script `django-admin shell_plus` utility to CRUD create an instance of a SigningService model.

Pulp Administrators will be able
Users wishing to retrieve an instance of a SigningService using automate the REST API.

Plugin writers will
process should be able instructed to use SigningService.sign_file(filename) to retrieve an ascii-armored detached gpg signature and public key for verifying it.

Administrators will have documentation that states the signing script needs to print
write a dictionary that looks like this:

{"file": "repomd.xml", "signature": "repomd.xml.asc", "key": "public.key"}