Story #5859

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h3. Background

Katello environments receive their django-admin renamed
background: while packaging pulpcore (and Django) as pulp3-django-admin in their repackaging of django for pulp3.

h3. Problem

This creates an issue where
RPMs, we stumbled over the pulp docs indicate fact that we can't ship a /usr/bin/django-admin as that is already provided by the Python2-based Django that Pulp2 uses. while discussing the possible solutions, one was to use "django-admin" even though katello users need provide a dedicated "pulpcore-admin" (or whatever you want to use "pulp3-django-admin".

h3. Solution
call it) instead.

Clarify in the docs for pulp users where they get their django-admin from. Also add story #1:
a note that specifically calls out the binary name user, I want a simple command line tool to use perform django-related tasks for katello users pulpcore instead of calling "django-admin" with the right DJANGO_SETTINGS_MODULE or finding pulpcore's and executing that.

story #2:
as "pulp3-django-admin". an admin, I want to be able to install pulp2 and pulp3/pulpcore on the same machine from RPMs