Story #1060

Updated by bmbouter about 9 years ago

pulp_celerybeat currently can only be run once, and Celerybeat is one of the single point of failure in Pulp. Multiple instances of pulp_celerybeat pulp. We should be able to be run concurrently without failure. make pulp highly available by making celerybeat highly available. 


 1) Modify Pulp Able to be able to run multiple pulp_celerybeat celerybeat process concurrently 
 2) Ensure that Pulp scheduled calls occur only once as expected even with multiple pulp_celerybeat processes running 
 3) Documentation changes 
 4) Adding a release note 
 5) Verification that By killing one of the failure watcher code is safe process, pulp should not fail to run concurrently 
 6) Verification that the EventMonitor code is safe to run concurrently 
 7) Verification that the WorkerTimeoutMonitor code is safe to run concurrently work