Issue #5486

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In each of their generated docs I noticed the endpoints all looked like <pre>**POST** /docker/blah</pre> instead of <pre>**POST** /pulp/api/v3/blah</pre>. Also, when doing DockerRecursiveAddApi.create I get a 404 and <pre>No route matches [POST] "/docker/recursive-add"</pre> at <pre>lib/pulp_docker_client/api_client.rb:81:in `call_api'</pre>

However, it looks like the schema is actually correct, but the urlmatching is not strict enough.

All of these are valid and routed to the same view:

http POST localhost:24817/docker/recursive-add/ repository=/pulp/api/v3/repositories/597c2209-2ff2-4eec-b476-3740ff2879de/
http POST localhost:24817/pulp/api/v3/docker/recursive-add/ repository=/pulp/api/v3/repositories/597c2209-2ff2-4eec-b476-3740ff2879de/
http POST localhost:24817/thanks/for/reading/the/details/docker/recursive-add/ repository=/pulp/api/v3/repositories/597c2209-2ff2-4eec-b476-3740ff2879de/

IIRC, this is actually a deliberate feature of the plugin api, so they can register non-prefixed endpoints like /v2/ for Docker.

This might just be as simple as adding "^pulp/api/v3/" "^" to the start of the urlpatterns, but it will need to be done for any plugins that have implemented custom urls.