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h3. Problem

Users performing
This RFE is a sync, e.g. Katello want to provide one-time options to override a Remote's configuration for that one sync. result of Katello/Pulp3 gap analysis. P1 item.

h3. Settings include proxy, proxy username and password, client key, client cert, and CA cert.


h3. Core Changes Add the following optional fields to <code>RepositoryURLSerializer</code>:

1. Have the Remote's options * ssl_ca_certificate
* ssl_client_certificate
* ssl_client_key
* ssl_validation
* proxy_url
* proxy_username
* proxy_password

These fields will
be added used to override the <code>RepositoryURLSerializer</code> via inheritnace.
2. Override <code>RemoteViewSet.get_object()</code>
remote's settings on sync. Since sync is implemented in core so that anytime a plugin calls it, plugins, they will receive the remote with the options already overlaid.
3. Have <code>RemoteViewSet.get_object()</code> remove the in-memory Remote's <code>save()</code> method. It's unsafe for this in-memory object
need to be accidentally saved by a plugin writer.
4. Add docs on this feature and ensure it's clear that
handle these settings won't be saved and applied to requests that occur later via policy='streamed' or policy='on_demand'. fields.

h3. h2. Plugin Changes Todo

1. Adjust We need to open issues against existing plugins (file, python, rpm) instructing them how to leverage these fields. For pulp_file (as an example), the signature of your viewset to fetch these parameters from the serializer and pass them to the sync task. Then the sync task needs to replace <code>remote_pk</code> with <code>remote</code> be updated to accept these values and have pass them onto the in-memory version passed.
downloader factory.