Task #3308

Updated by bmbouter over 4 years ago

h3. Problem 

 We don't document Before the expectation that every sync should produce of a repository version. certain repo, the field *_latest_version_href* is None. 

 h3. Why always make a repo version? 

 It's less surprising to users when they ask Pulp to After the first sync and receive a repo version N+1 that of importer is that like: 


 However if the same as repo version N. It's more confusing to users if they get some repo verisons for some sync's importer does not change, and not for others depending on another sync happens, the remote state. field is updated to: 

 h3. Solution? http://f27-pulp3:8000/api/v3/repositories/710aac08-793f-4003-a922-31399485b78e/versions/2/ 

 We should document And goes like that. 

 The simple action to call /importer/sync endpoint updates the expectation that every sync produces a repository version in repo version, even though the plugin writer docs. importer has not changed. 

 This line of code is called even without changes. See: