Task #4932

Updated by bmbouter almost 5 years ago

h3. Problem 

 The only thing left in /var/lib/pulp/ that conflicts between pulp2 and pulp3 is /var/lib/pulp/static 

 At installation time, this causes an error when deploying pulp3 onto a pulp2 server because on pulp2 this directory is owned by apache, and pulp3 expects this to be owned by pulp_user. 

 h3. Solution 

 To allow the long-term state of Pulp3 to make the most sense we've taken the approach in other areas to rename the Pulp2 once and advertise that breaking change loudly on pulp-list early. 

 Create a new migration that will rename Rename /var/lib/pulp/static/ to /var/lib/pulp/pulp2static