Task #4003

Updated by daviddavis about 1 year ago

Some of pulpcore tests rely on the pulp_file[0] pulp_file plugin[0]. This means that changes to pulp_file can break these tests and pulp_rpm[1] plugins. The problem is that this won't scale. As we add more features in order to run all the pulpcore that are only used by a subset of plugins, this design will require us tests, one has to install more plugins into pulpcore's CI.

have pulp_file installed. We should decouple pulpcore tests from requiring plugins this by introducing a test plugin *TestPlugin* in the pulpcore/tests/functional code tree that the pulp-smash tests can use. This test plugin would contain a superset of all features that pulpcore provides.

Alternatively Also, we could maybe leverage the plugin template to be should consider reverting this test plugin. change: