Task #989

Updated by bmbouter about 9 years ago

Currently if you make a call to "get_database()": or "get_connection()": without calling "initialize()": first, you would have None returned to you. Code that uses those will then fail in unexpected ways. This story is to add a behavior to get_database() and get_connection() such that if _DATABASE or _CONNECTION are None that an Exception is raised. This is similar to what is already implemented in "get_collection": 

 Also, PulpCollectionFailure should be renamed to PulpDatabaseFailure so that it carries a name appropriate to be raised from all 3 of these functions. Each function that raises should use an error message appropriate for the function that was called. 

 These two steps were originally steps (3) and (5) from story #131. 

 h2. Deliverables 

 1. Add behavior to get_database() 
 2. Add behavior to get_connection() 
 3. Rename PulpCollectionFailure to PulpDatabaseFailure 
 4. Add tests to assert the raise behaviors for get_collection(), get_database(), and get_connection()