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Updated by ttereshc almost 4 years ago

An Erratum itself is metadata and it's not very useful without content it refers too. 
 The content is listed in the pkglist of an Erratum. 

   - there is no such thing as Erratum dependencies. 
   - RPMs listed in an Erratum represent content of an Erratum. 
   - RPM dependencies = RPM-to-RPM dependencies aka when one RPM depend on the other RPM. 
   - depsolving strategy (conservative and non-conservative in pulp2) is relevant to RPM dependencies only. 

 The common use case is to copy an Erratum and all the content it refers to with its dependencies, so it is possible to apply an Erratum and update all the content it suggests to update. 

 Use Overall three cases to support: should be supported: 
  - copy Erratum itself without anything (already implemented, it should continue to work) 
  - copy Erratum with its referenced RPMs and with latest RPM dependencies using the dependency solving strategy specified by user (--recursive flag in pulp2) 
  - copy Erratum with its referenced RPMs and with missing RPM dependencies (--recursive-conservative flag in pulp2) 

 Some examples can be found "here":