Story #4413

Updated by ttereshc 11 months ago

Currently 2 one-time options need to be supported, @mirror@ and @url@.

@mirror@ - set to False by default. If True, repository is mirrored as is and old content is removed from a version.
@url@ - if set, it should be used instead of url configured on a remote. Use case: when a repo needs to sync once from an export from another pulp. Katello P2 item.
@ssl_ca_certificate@ - A PEM encoded CA certificate used to validate the server certificate presented by the external source.
@ssl_client_certificate@ - A PEM encoded client certificate used for authentication.
@ssl_client_key@ - A PEM encoded private key used for authentication.
@ssl_validation@ - if True, SSL peer validation must be performed.
@proxy_url@ - A proxy URL. Format: scheme://user:password@host:port
@username@ -A username to be used for authentication when syncing.
@password@ - A password to be used for authentication when syncing.

Add support for the options above for RPM plugin in the REST API for a sync call.
Make sure @DeclarativeVersion@ in RPM plugin respects those options.