Issue #4529

Updated by ttereshc over 5 years ago

In Fedora 30, "Zchunk metadata": is going to be present alongside with older compression formats. 

 Pulp2 should handle this type of metadata. 
 Ideally, it should be ignored during sync and optionally generated during publish (similar to sqlite dbs). 
 At the very least Pulp should ignore and not sync this metadata, in order to avoid creating a potentially bad repo at publish time. 
 Scenario for a bad repo: 
  - create repo and sync from a remote repo with zchunk metadata 
  - make any content changes to a repo , e.g. remove/add packages 
  - published a repo 
  - zchunk metadata is published as-is without any modifications to it (even though content in a repo changed) -> clients which use zchunk metadata will get incorrect data about the content in a repo. 

 Repo with this new metadata type: