Issue #840

Updated by bmbouter about 9 years ago

When users go to use an beta or a release candidate, there isn't a clear place to read the docs from. When we publish a beta or RC, we should include a link to the docs. This builder should also be used by QE for docs bug verification and reference to the docs for the release they are testing. 

 ==== NOTE === 
 We should I'll suggest that we use RTD Private builders, but we cannot until #831 is resolved because any private builders of newer Y releases will cause the production docs to receive a banner that they are out of date and that the unreleased docs are the current up to date ones (which is bad). 
 ==== NOTE === 

 builders. Private builders are not publicly shown, and not indexed by search engines because the link to them is hard to find. If you have the link you can view the docs without any authentication. 

 Update the build docs so that when a beta or RC is published, the builder ensures a 'Private' builder in RTD is enabled. Have that builder build against the *-testing branch containing the beta or RC. Users and QE can be linked to that.