Refactor #4378

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We do not generate any metadata, so (04:03:38 PM) ipanova: asmacdo: jortel more i look , more i think we can should just directly create a publication with pass_through set
(04:03:52 PM) ipanova: like in ansible
(04:03:53 PM) ipanova:
(04:03:58 PM) ipanova:
(04:09:57 PM) asmacdo: ipanova: I don't think we have
to True. generate any metadata so +1 (I think)
(04:10:01 PM) jortel: ipanova: directly as in pass-through ... I can't think of a reason not to.
(04:11:24 PM) asmacdo: yeah pass-through was what I was thinking also
(04:13:04 PM) jortel: versioned repositories was a real game changer