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Story #3900

Updated by over 2 years ago

Pulp users should be able to configure S3 as the storage backend for their Pulp data. The backend needs to be provided by the django-storages[0] python package. This It should be an optional dependency for pulpcore that will be installed by users that want to use S3 as the storage backend. something like tihs:

The content app needs to be updated to recognize when the storage backend is S3. In immediate download use cases, the content app needs to redirect requests to the S3 URL stored

We should have some documentation put together
on the Artifact. In the 'on demand' use cases, the content app needs how to stream the artifact to the client do this and then save the Artifact. The S3 storage backend should handle the uploading of the file fix anything we need to S3 as part of along the save.

Documentation needs to be added to let users know how to configure S3 as the storage backend.