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h2. Problem

While making an upload API for pulp_ansible, I receive only a sha256 from the user to validate the uploaded data. To save an Artifact I need the other digests and the size. This causes me to manually compute all the digest info and perform any validation.

This is going to be a common problem for plugin writers receiving Artifact data and not using the downloaders, e.g. upload.

h2. Solution

Add a static method to Artifact named <code>create_and_validate</code> <code>create</code> with the following signature:

<code>def create_and_validate(expected_digests=None, create(expected_digests=None, expected_size=None):</code>

These params are the same type/names as the ones used by BaseDownloader "here":

h2. Usage

For example I can call it with:

<code>my_artifact = Artifact.create_and_validate(expected_digests={'sha256': Artifact.create(expected_digests={'sha256': 'long_digest_value_goes_here'})</code>

h2. Exception Raising

If the sha256 doesn't match, I expect it to raise a DigestValidationError or a SizeValidationError, just like the downloaders. See this docstring:

:class:``: When any of the
``expected_digest`` values don't match the digest of the data passed to
:class:``: When the
``expected_size`` value doesn't match the size of the data passed to

^ is from "here":