Issue #4000

Updated by daviddavis about 2 years ago

A recent change in pulp_file[0] has caused the tests in pulp to fail. The issue is that tests in pulp are coupled to the pulp_file plugin code[1] and we're not running pulpcore tests against pulp_file.

The purist in me thinks that we should not have the tests in pulpcore be dependent on the code in pulp_file and that these tests should be moved to pulp_file. We're running the pulp_file tests against all pulpcore PRs anyway so moving them wouldn't hurt. this ensures the tests get run either way.

The simplest option however would be to fix these tests this test and then run the pulpcore tests against pulp_file PRs. That feels kind of wrong but it's quick and easy.

The third and final option I can think of (and I'm not totally sure how this would work) is to create a bare/mock plugin inside the test framework and have the pulpcore smash tests use it for tests that require a plugin and content units.