Task #3930

Updated by daviddavis about 4 years ago

h2. The Problem 

 Two problems we have dealt with recently: 

 * A commit was attached to an issue that was already released. Thus the commit was left out of the build. 
 * A commit for an issue got merged that was not attached to any issue. This commit was also left out of a build. 


  h2. Solution 

 The solution we'd like to propose is to validate that each commit message is:  

 * attached to an issue 
 * the issue is in the correct state (NEW, ASSIGNED, POST, or MODIFIED) 

 We discussed that this should be non-blocking as sometimes commits for small items (fixing typos) don't need an issue. However, this is tricky as Travis can only pass/fail PRs.  

 I'd propose that commit messages that aren't attached to issues have the tag "#noissue" in them. This would exclude them from this validation.