Task #3773

Updated by about 2 years ago

This task has a multple components. For planning purposes, I'll include it all here, and break into separate stories if requested.

1) Create a travis job
* install pulpcore, pulp-smash and deps
* bootstrap bootstraps a test plugin using the instructions in from the template
* install the test plugin,
* run the webserver and workers.
* record output of these steps and fail if they don't succeed

2) Add smash tests.
* Tests should be organized in a directory structure that can be expanded the plugin writers. Tests should live in plugin_template/tests/functional/.
* Any Tests that will not be useful to a plugin writer (we could include Plugin API tests for commented out code) should be in a directory that is skipped by the bootstrapper. plugin_template/tests/functional/template/
* Write API tests
** Test discoverability via /v3/status
** Test CRUD [Content | Remote | Publisher]
** Test sync - A new repository version will be created, with no content
** Test publish - A new publication will be created, with no content