Story #3760

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As a user, I would like to be able to know the checksum of the ISO generated by the export distributor. 

 After generating an ISO, the export distributor will calculate multiple checksums of the ISO and write them to a file with the same name as the ISO, but with a '.DIGESTS' 'checksum' extension. The file will have the following format: 

 bb16e10946c7d24c5bbf989c3877d0dd *repo_export.iso SHA1: 123ab456 
 bd5f9d38232bd31dc7334b70e4259f68ab6327f4 *repo_export.iso SHA256: 765cde123 
 eb93b60b4be097fd618dbdd625f70ee64a6a77d502e50b39d2c259df9ccb8f53 *repo_export.iso SH512: 4444ff2c2 
 a92d64650c862bf89643dceff172c8762212c24bcb815a33f3356b63538392ee50ba6aa07188b3d1a2a760be7e9a9b0631520768c1c0a6ce60b024a3a8bc766b *repo_export.iso