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Identify which fields should go onto the Modulemd Module model 

 Modulemd model: 

 NSVCA is the unit_key 

 Name - string 
 Stream - integer 
 Version - integer 
 Context - string 
 Arch - string 
 Summary - string 
 Description - string 
 Profile - list of profiles - list 
 Artifacts - list or rpm - list 
 _storage_path --> yaml stored on the disk - string 
 checksum ( for yaml integrity check) - string 
 checksumtype - string 

 * To parse module.yaml doc we'll use Modulemd.objects_from_file() libmodulemd 
 * To Write module out to a YAML document on disk we'll use Modulemd.Module.dump () from libmodulemd. 
 * Spec of the Modulemd for reference 
 * library for the reference