Story #3181

Updated by daviddavis over 3 years ago

This basic implementation should create a publication of entirely PublishedMetadata files with galaxy-api compatible metadata. where the metadata is pulled out of the bare git repos in <code>/var/lib/pulp/shared/pulp_ansible/<repo_name></code>. They are pulled out based on the version of the content unit which is equivalent to the tag of git repo to read the data from. All role versions roles in a repository must be published with one publish.

A functional requirement is also that the publish data must also be compatible with a galaxy client that can fetch its content from the published repo.

This work will probably require the addition of a new field (e.g. "url") in the galaxy api format to serve as an alternative to the github_user and github_repo fields. The galaxy cli client will probably need to be updated too.

There will have to be two pages: one for roles and one for versions. The galaxy cli first looks up roles and then the versions for these roles.

One thing to consider is if this will be a static api or do we want a live api?