Task #2908

Updated by bmbouter about 3 years ago

"Vagrant cloud": is where Vagrant machines can be published. This task is to have the ability to Jenkins build a Vagrant box that does the following:

1. A clean Vagrant F26 box
2. A non-source checkout of pulpcore installed on it. This will be installed using the published playbooks on galaxy from #2840.
3. Add a nice welcome screen with motd indicating that they should install a plugin, run its migrations, or consider making a plugin with the Pulp dev guide.

Once done building the box, if it was built successfully, the build code job will upload the box to Vagrant. Vagrant but leave it private. We will make these live whenever we announce Pulp3 is ready for plugin development to begin.

The user account name on vagrant cloud should be 'pulp' and the name of this Vagrantbox should be 'pulpcore'. This task includes registering the account on Vagrant cloud and responsibly storing the credentials.

We should produce both virtualbox and libvirtd images.

This needs to come with docs on how to use it which should be roughly:

1. install vagrant w/ either virtualbox or libvirtd backends
2. vagrant init pulp
3. vagrant up pulp