Task #2895

Updated by bmbouter almost 4 years ago

Add content handling urls Content WSGI application to serve conent. server content. Some can be cannibalized from pulp2. Mainly parts of the ContentView. [0]

The handling URLs Content WSGI application should be able to:
* Based on incoming request URL, determine the distribution
* Match the scheme against (http and https fields). 404 when scheme not enabled.
* Query the PublishedArtifact and PublishedMetadata tables (in that order) by URL path component to get the artifact or the metadata.
* respond with contents of the corresponding file

For this task the request and response should be handled with the normal WSGI application. content app. There is a task to do enable this with apache later [1].


The content urls app can be broken out deploy separately later with magic in the and/or separate .wsgi files.