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For an API user to create a Content unit, Pulp 3 needs to have the following:

- the ContentArtifact "through" model[0] for Content and Artifact. It contains a ForeignKey The only field pointing to Artifact and another one pointing to Content. It also it contains is a relative path. The relative path char field. All three are required and can not cannot be null. The combination of 3 is a uniqueness constraint.

- the Content model with an artifacts ManyToManyField pointing to Artifact through ContentArtifact.
- viewset that can handle CRD operations for Content.
- serializer for the viewset which will return all serialized fields of the Content model including the artifacts.
- API endpoint at /api/v3/content/units/
- POST request to the /api/v3/content/units/ endpoint creates Content. The body of the request contains a dictionary that looks like the following:
<pre><code class="json">
"artifacts": [{
"< artifact >": "< relative_path >"
}, {
"< artifact2 >": "< relative_path2 >"
"notes": {}

First a new Content instance is created with notes from the payload. Then the 'artifacts' from the payload are used to create ContentArtifact instances that reference the new Content.

- GET request to the /api/v3/content/units/<content unit id> returns serialized Content

- DELETE request to the /api/v3/content/units/<content unit id>/ raises an exception if the Artifact is still associated with any Repository. The exception should provide a list of Repositories still associated with the Artifact. If an exception is not raised, Artifact is removed from the database.

- PUT/PATCH requests to the /api/v3/content/units/<content unit id>/ raises an exception (409 unsupported method)