Task #133

Updated by bmbouter almost 6 years ago

**Motivation** **Overview**
This is a task to replace for the ./ modules in platform AND all plugins. Developers Currently, platform (for example) only supports the following options:

-h, --help show this help message and exit
--xunit-file XUNIT_FILE
--xcoverage-file XCOVERAGE_FILE
-x, --failfast
-v, --verbose

The modules
should be able to pass adjusted so that they preserve additional options and arguments to ./ and have it pass passes them through to nose. We This would make ./ behave similar to nosetests.

**Use Cases**

* Allow the user to use ./ to specify a single module or single test to run. This is what nose does if you pass an argument into it.

* Allow custom options to be used without having to modify code. The other day I wanted to use a special nose plugin just for my Pulp installation but not others. The only was I
could fix do that defect, or we could stop maintaining and still use tox instead.

./ was to edit either or pulp.devel.test_runner.run_tests. --options outside of the

# Remove Adjust the ./ in platform and all plugins plugins.
# Remove pulp.devel.test_runner
# List tox as a developer dependency somehow (I'm a little unclear on where to put this)
# Add a tox configuration to platform and plugins which provides
Update the docstring so that it is clear that it takes all the same behaviors (flake8, test selection based on OS, etc). options that nose takes.
# Update the any other development docs accordingly.
# Consider if any changes need to be done to the dev setup scripts to accommodate this