Issue #2749

Updated by bmbouter almost 7 years ago

In pulp.server.async.tasks, if I look at _release_resource, the job of this task seems to be: 

 - if a task is still marked as running then mark it as failed 
 - delete the ReservedResource associated with a task 

 I notice the task isn't marked as acks_late=True. 

 Therefore it looks like the following scenario can happen: 

 - _release_resource task is dequeued & acknowledged from qpid 
 - body of _release_resource starts executing 
 - fails to complete e.g. because query to mongo fails 
 - tasks are left running and ReservedResource is left in DB indefinitely 

 Should this rather be made idempotent and marked as acks_late=True, so that the task would be retried in the above scenario?