Story #2108

Updated by bmbouter over 7 years ago

The current puppet_install distributor installs to whatever path the user specifies.    If you are wanting to install to a puppet master you'd have to specify: 

 <code>/etc/puppet/environments/MYENV/modules/</code> /etc/puppet/environments/MYENV/modules/ 

 However when we delete the repository it only deletes: 

 <code>/etc/puppet/environments/MYENV/modules</code> /etc/puppet/environments/MYENV/modules 

 With the current implementation pulp cannot know to safely remove the MYENV directory.    One solution would be to provide some option such that the user could just specify 

 <code>/etc/puppet/environments/MYENV/</code> /etc/puppet/environments/MYENV/ 

 and pulp would automatically populate the modules under ./modules/.    Then at delete time pulp could safely delete the MYENV directory.