Task #2463

Updated by bmbouter about 6 years ago

The goals of this task are to: 
 * consolidate unnecessary files into a single one which will live in platform/ The will be for the entire pulp.<anything> Python namespace except for three components which will continue to have their own files: pulp.common, pulp.streamer, and pulp.cli. 
 * reduce the number of folders at the root 
 * organize the repo directory structure to mirror the structure it has when its installed 
 * rename the top level directory to be called 'platform' instead of Pulp. This will allow for a future pip install command from source of <code>pip install</code>. 

 # create a top level folder called platform 
 git mv app platform 

 # move the platform subpackages into the  
 git mv exceptions/pulp/exception platform/pulp/exceptions 
 git mv plugin/pulp/plugin platform/pulp/plugin 
 git mv tasking/pulp/tasking platform/pulp/tasking 

 # delete the old dirs we no longer need 
 git rm -rf exceptions/ 
 git rm -rf plugin/ 
 git rm -rf tasking/