Issue #2121

Updated by bmbouter almost 8 years ago

In pulp.spec, we have this travesty: 
 %define selinux_policyver %(sed -e's,.*selinux-policy-\\([^/]*\\)/.*,\\1,'/usr/share/selinux/devel/policyhelp 2> /dev/null) 

 Which supposedly fires up xdg (ie X in mock) and groks the policy version out of a help browser footer. 

 But it doesn't actually work in my setup as there does not seem to be a version shipped in selinux policy help ... 

 How about something less ambitious - perhaps like: 
 %define selinux_policyver %(rpm --qf "%{version}" -q selinux-policy) 

 I bring this up because I can't actually build vanilla pulp from src as you ship it.