Refactor #2119

Updated by almost 8 years ago

The data in the _consumer_bindings_ collection needs to be migrated into the _ConsumerDistributor_ table in postgres. 

 For each field in the consumer_bindings document: 
 consumer_bindings => consumer_distributor 
 _________________ |    _______________________________ 
 _id                 => id (generated) 
 consumer_id         => consumer_id (by Consumer relation) 
 distributor_id      => distributor_id (by Distributor relation) 
 repo_id             => (omitted: each distributor record has a unique id and is associated with a repository) 
 binding_config      => (omitted: supported deprecated nodes) 
 notify_agent        => (omitted: supported deprecated agent) 
 consumer_actions    => (omitted: supported deprecated agent) 
 deleted             => (omitted: supported deprecated agent) 

 *Note*: Both the _Agent_ and _Nodes_ are The agent is not included in 3.0.