Issue #1889

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The RHSM product-id (YUM) plugin completely re-configures classes provided by the root logger. yum (python) package have issues with:

* significant memory leakage
* both YUM and loaded plugins reconfigure logging.

Both of these issues have negative impact on _goferd_.
As Using YUM in a result, goferd stops logging child process for each operation resolves both issues easily.

Note: The multiprocessing lib cannot be used for this because it forks but does not exec(). This is unsuitable for use with multi-threaded processes and/or doing network I/O.

A major goal for this effort is
to syslog after minimize risk and changes to either the pulp (gofer) plugin performs handler or rpmtools. This can be accomplished by creating a yum operation. lightweight facade for the classes in rpmtools that uses the actual classes in a child process. A bug has been filed against RHSM The facade communicates to/from the child process using a simple JSON protocol over pipes associated to _stdin_ and _stdout_.