Issue #1930

Updated by almost 8 years ago

It is possible to get 404 for packages listed by When browsing published repos via the pulp apache static content process because of the use of relative hrefs.   

 If you were browser, links will occasionally be incorrect. For example, when clicking "repodata", I may be taken to visit the URL /pulp/repos/Default_Organization/Library/custom/Zoo-Product/Zoo-Repo (note the missing trailing slash) and then click on the following link: 

 <a href="bear-4.1-1.noarch.rpm">bear-4.1-1.noarch.rpm</a> 

 The resultant URL would be /pulp/repos/Default_Organization/Library/custom/Zoo-Product/bear-4.1-1.noarch.rpm which a repodata dir that is one directory up from where I was. This typically results in a 404. 

 Either absolute URLs should be used in the HREF or /pulp/repos/Default_Organization/Library/custom/Zoo-Product/Zoo-Repo should be rewritten I am not sure how to /pulp/repos/Default_Organization/Library/custom/Zoo-Product/Zoo-Repo/ in reproduce this consistently, it seems to only happen sometimes. I demoed the apache configuration. 

 h3. Steps issue to Reproduce 

 # Visit a pulp generated repo page 
 # Remove the trailing / if present in the url jcline and revisit the page if necessary 
 # Click on any package link 
 # Note 404 can demo again to anyone interested:)