Story #1724

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User case: a user has a script to publish 10 repositories and 1 of them fails. They re-run the script and it doesn't know/track which one failed so it publishes all 10 again. For the original 9 that succeeded Pulp should no-op since no settings and units have been modified since the last successful publish. Even though publishes with no changed data are quick, subsequent publishes will cause files in the repodata to be rewritten and they will change in small ways. Due to checksums used in those filenames the second publish will have a completely different filename. This is undesirable to some users. 

 Publish should be a no-op if all of the following are true: 
 * no units have been added since the last successful publish. 
 * no units have been removed since the last successful publish. 
 * no distributor has distributors have been modified added/removed/modified since the last successful publish. 

 Here is a pulp-smash issue which corresponds with this: