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Version field needs to be plugin independent like the Target Release field is

Added by bmbouter over 5 years ago. Updated over 1 year ago.

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The version field in Redmine is shared across all projects. This makes the choice of version harder than it needs to be, and its likely doesn't have all necessary versions for all of the components that use it. Redmine uses custom fields to track this data so this task should build off of or modify that.

What is needed is the version field to become several version fields. The following ones are what we need. The release branches should be looked at to populate the data when this custom field is created.

Version(shared by platform, puppet, and rpm)

Version - Crane

Version - Debian

Version - Deployment

Version - Docker

Version - Nectar

Version - OpenStack

Version - OSTree

Version - Packaging

Version - Python


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An admin of our redmine deployment needs to do this.

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This really is a task. It's not included in any actual code, nor is it documentation. I started on it because it was a bug. It's done now.

You'll notice the 'version' field values for nectar, Python support, Platform, etc are all different. I picked some sane defaults, but I can add/modify them further as needed.

Since this won't go to QE and is already in affect I'm moving this to CLOSED - CURRENTRELEASE

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