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Create a jenkins job that runs pulp smash in vagrant

Added by semyers over 5 years ago. Updated over 3 years ago.

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Pulp 2


Recent discussions, focused on improving the reliability of our development environment, spawned the idea that it would be great to run pulp-smash within the current vagrant dev environment to ensure that the environment itself is being set up properly, and that pulp-smash is giving developers accurate feedback when they run it for themselves to test for regression while developing.

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Updated by semyers over 5 years ago

The only major blocker for this that I can see is the potential virt-in-virt problem. Our jenkins workers are currently spawned in an openstack env, so if we aren't able to do nested virtualization we may not be able to use libvirt for this. I don't know for sure that nested virt is disabled and have good reason to suspect that it will actually work just fine, we'd just need to try it and seen.

We do still support the docker provider for vagrant, so even if we can't do nested virt (or if we have to wait to get nested virt support turned on in the openstack env), we can probably still use the docker provider to accomplish the task.

Regardless of which provider we use, I suspect the workflow will be: install dev env requirements (vagrant and plugins, etc), vagrant up, vagrant ssh -- psmash (or some other pulp smash invocation if the psmash alias doesn't work).

We'll also want pulp smash to write its test output as XML for parsing by jenkins for reporting purposes, and it should be fine for this job to run nightly.

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