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As a user I would like support for the `v3/modules` API endpoint, used by librarian-puppet.

Added by lastmikoi almost 8 years ago. Updated almost 5 years ago.

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When using librarian-puppet( with Puppet's V3 API in coordination with a pulp_puppet-powered forge, it is currently not possible for librarian-puppet to search for modules.

Indeed, librarian-puppet makes use of the `v3/modules` API endpoint, defined in!/module.

From what I understood of the aforementioned API documentation, pulp_puppet would need to implement both module searching capability and specific module meta-data querying.

This story is closely related with, as it is basically the same story but for explicit librarian-puppet support instead of r10k.

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Updated by etparton almost 8 years ago

This would be really useful, and not just for librarian-puppet support. New tools or new versions of existing tools might require the modules api to function, and supporting it would go a long way towards making sure that Pulp can support all tools that make use of the forge api.

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Updated by lastmikoi almost 8 years ago

As discussed with bmbouter on IRC, here are more details about how to reproduce a testing environment for librarian-puppet:

  • Have an already-working pulp_puppet repository setup, published either through http or https, and containing the `puppetlabs-apache` module.
  • Install librarian-puppet
  • Create a `Puppetfile` file, containing:
#!/usr/bin/env ruby
#^syntax detection

forge "https://.:pulp_repo_id@pulp_hostname/"

mod 'puppetlabs-apache', "1.4.1"

(make sure to edit the 'forge' URI)

  • Run `librarian-puppet install --no-use-v1-api --verbose` in the same directory as the Puppetfile
  • Observe it being unable to find any module.

For the record, I am using ruby1.9.3p484, puppet 3.4.3 as well as librarian-puppet v2.2.1.

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Updated by bmbouter almost 8 years ago

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Updated by mhrivnak almost 8 years ago

This could be handy during development:

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Updated by mhrivnak almost 8 years ago

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Updated by dalley almost 6 years ago

  • Has duplicate Story #3548: r10k doesn't work with pulp_puppet added
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Updated by dhollinger almost 6 years ago

This change is also needed by Puppet's r10k code management tool and Puppet Enterprise's Code Manager tool. Both tools require the /modules endpoint in addition to the /releases endpoint to deploy Puppet Modules from a Pulp repository.

Additionally, librarian-puppet was migrated from rodjek to Vox Pupuli some time ago as well. Project URL -

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Updated by bmbouter almost 5 years ago

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Pulp 2 is approaching maintenance mode, and this Pulp 2 ticket is not being actively worked on. As such, it is being closed as WONTFIX. Pulp 2 is still accepting contributions though, so if you want to contribute a fix for this ticket, please reopen or comment on it. If you don't have permissions to reopen this ticket, or you want to discuss an issue, please reach out via the developer mailing list.

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