Pulp 2 15 2 Test Result Summary


Started On: February 20, 2018
Finished On: February 26, 2018
Version: 2.15.2
Result: Success
Build URL: N/A


This release included bug fixes. The QE tasks in the release process include making sure automation jobs pass and upgrade automation jobs pass. 2.15.2 was released on F27.

Pulp QE approve the release of pulp 2.15.2

Beta History
Beta1 : January 23, 2018

Issues Addressed

2835 Tasks stuck in waiting after restart of pulp services
3129 occasional httpd segfault
3317 rsync_distributors: 'rsync_extra_args' not used in all calls to rsync
3319 Certificates used in unit testing are expired
3349 pulp-admin -vvv returns incorrect information for "worker_name" when querying task results
3356 queue_name property on worker model returns invalid results when the worker name is None
3383 Worker model's "queue_name" property returns the wrong name on Celery 4.x

Puppet Support
3314 puppet install distributor broken on F27 due to SELinux denials

RPM Support
3342 Relative import breaks Python 2.4 (RHEL 5)