Pulp 2 14 3 Test Result Summary


Started On: November 14, 2017
Finished On: November 20 26, 2017
Version: 2.14.3
Result : Success
Build URL: N/A


This release included bug fixes. The QE tasks in the release process include making sure automation jobs pass and upgrade automation jobs pass. QE also spend time on verifying some issues on this release. There were 2 GitHub issues for automation.

Pulp QE approve the release of pulp 2.14.3

Beta History
Beta1 : November 14, 2017

Issues Addressed

3039 NotFound exception if consumer is deleted when its queue is gone
3090 Uploading an invalid rpm produces an error message: "unexpected error occurred
importing uploaded file: 'primary'"

RPM Support
3120 Race condition on saving a distribution unit during "smart proxy" sync
3047 ISO repo doesn't correctly handle updates to files for content already in Pulp
3100 Removal of existing iso units doesn't work if there are multiple iso files
3115 One sample request in API doc for regenerate_applicability is wrong

Pulp-Smash issues