Pulp 2 14 2 Test Result Summary


Started On: October 17, 2017
Finished On: October 26, 2017
Version: 2.14.1
Result : Success
Build URL: N/A


This release included bug fixes. The QE tasks in the release process include making sure automation jobs pass and upgrade automation jobs pass. QE also spend time on verifying some issues on this release. There were 2 GitHub issues for automation.

During QE testing we found out that Issue#3047 was not fully fixed and hence it was removed from the release. A new related issue has also been filed.

Pulp QE approve the release of pulp 2.14.2

Beta History
Beta1 : October 17, 2017

Issues Addressed


3036 Pulp streamer dumps core on F26
2979 Celery workers may deadlock when PULP_MAX_TASKS_PER_CHILD is used

2960 UnicodeEncodeError in case of a non-ASCII character in comments provided with SSL cert/key/CA

Python Support
2964 Too easy for user to create empty python repo when syncing from feed

Docker Support
2847 Skip download of blobs with foreign mediatype.

New Issue

Pulp-Smash issues