Pulp 2 13 3 Test Result Summary


Started On: July 12 , 2017
Finished On: July 19, 2017
Version: 2.13.3
Result : Success
Build URL: N/A

This release included bug fixes. The QE tasks in the release process included identifying issues that needed to be added to automation backlog, creating github issues, making sure automation jobs pass and upgrade automation jobs passing.

Pulp QE approve the release of pulp 2.13.3

Beta History
Beta1 : July 12, 2017
Beta 2 July 13, 2017

Issues Addressed ================

Issues Addressed ================
2532 rsync distributor without force_full incorrectly skips publishing some units
2677 Occasional HTTP 403 errors when downloading rpms from on_demand / lazy sync repositories
2791 Rsync publish includes units which have not yet been published via the predistributor
2898 Django 1.10 breaks content app

RPM Support
2798 content can't be fetched for background or on-demand repositories
2773 ISO repo does not handle updates to files on manifest during re-sync correctly
2844 Rsync publish for RPM repo fails to run in fast forward mode
2681 Store errata package lists in a separate collection

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