Pulp 2 11 1 Test Result Summary


Started On: 09 January 2017
Finished On: 16 January 2017
Version: 2.11.1
Result : Success
Build URL: N/A

This release included bug fixes. The QE tasks included in the release process included identifying issues that needed to be added to automation backlog, creating github issues, manual verification some of the issues, making sure automation jobs pass and upgrade automation jobs passing.

Pulp QE approve the release of pulp 2.11.1
Beta History
Beta 1: 09 January 2016

*Bugs Included *

2439 No data available in publish step (OSError: [Errno 61] No data available)
2483 pulp_rpm migration 0031 fails: cursor not found
2491 When stopping pulp_workers, pulp_celerybeat, and pulp_resource_manager gracefully, the status API still shows them as running
2464 pulp-admin broken in vagrant environment on 2.y
1287 Repo sync failing with KeyError
2006 iso importer fails without useful error message
2136 publish step error handling incorrectly assumes open file
2476 pulp publish fail when selinux is disabled
2510 django logs warning when responding with 404

Puppet Support
2500 ValueError exception is raised when uploading module with invalid name
1981 unnecessary pulp error on puppet repo sync
1853 pulp-puppet-module-builder should not overwrite existing module files

RPM Support
2514 Creating a group no longer updates the existing group
2365 rpm upload fails to populate "files" field on model
2457 When syncing do not associate units that are already associated to the repo
2096 Additional updateinfo.xml after second publish
2466 Remove unnecessary `deepcopy` calls for sync

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Action Items

Make sure that all the issues with associated bugzilla are either automated or manually verified.

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