File Plugin


Repository: A directory containing a Manifest and file tree.

Manifest: A metadata file containing references to files within the directory tree to be included in the repository.
Format: <relative path>, <sha256 digest>, optional <size>.

Use Cases

As a user I can CRUD file importer. [done]

As a user I can CRUD file publisher. [done]

As as user, I want to synchronize file repositories by specifying a feed url that points to a manifest.

  • Support sync-policy: mirror only [#3336]
  • Support http/https and file (local filesystem)

As a user, I want to publish file repositories.

  • Incremental not supported.
  • When the repository includes multiple files with the same path (but different digest), the publisher will add only the newest content unit in the publication. [#3337]

As a user, I can upload file content to a repository. [done]

As a user, I can distribute a file publication so that it can be synced/downloaded. [done]

Future Roadmap

As a user, I want to support signed files.

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